Great for Students

Jotts was built for students to stay organized without making things too complicated.

Teachers Win Too

Teachers can deeply integrate their classroom with technology using Jotts for organization.

Extremely Advanced

Powerful scheduling tools let you add complex schedules without the complexity.

Beautiful Design

Staying organized shouldn't feel painful, and Jotts showcases your schedule simply.

Assignments & Flashcards

Add assignments and flashcards to your classes to stay prepared for any day.

Synced Across Devices

Jotts uses iCloud to sync your info across all your devices automatically.

Expressive is a new kind of web CMS, built with Node.js and Express. It’s an ultra-clean and modern, simple and extendable publishing app for blogs, websites, portfolios and many other kinds of digital content. It bundles common open source packages, and makes it easy for developers to build comprehensive extensions and themes for your site.

Childcare Management Software

Time & Attendance Software

Your parents can easily check their children in and out as they come and go, using any computer you set up, or multiple computers. You can even charge families a drop-in fee for children not on that day’s schedule.

Online Parent Accounts

Give your parents the ability to sign into your website in the comfort of their own home to view their bill, their child’s attendance history, advanced reports, tax information and other news you have to offer.

Parent Billing & Invoicing

Automatically bill parents for their children’s tuition each week and easily add payments and print receipts when they pay their statement. You’ll have the freedom to bill parents however you want.

Accept Debit & Credit Cards

Using Stripe, you can securely accept debit and credit cards on your website and bill parents automatically for only 2.9%+30¢. You can even charge parents the processing fees rather than your business.

Employee Management

You can also add your employees to track their hours, export weekly timesheets and let your staff check themselves in as they come and go. Important data like SSN’s are triple-encrypted at a minimum.

Print Statements & Reports

You can generate and print parent statements for any month, any time you’d like. You also can print custom reports about your center for financial rebates, taxes and other important data that keeps your business alive.

Smart Dashboard Data

Your dashboard makes finding the things you’re looking for easier than ever. Add widgets like total Accounts Receivable, unpaid accounts and more for the data need most. You can make your dashboard yours.

Hosted & Managed Server

The server is cloud hosted and managed, so you’ll never need to worry about losing your parents if a computer dies. Important data is encrypted several times over, far beyond basic complience standards.


Transfer your photos from your phone to your computer wirelessly, without messing with bulky photo editing programs, cloud syncing or annoying software to download. ShareShot instantly transfers your photos from your phone to your computer through your internet browser—no extra downloads needed.