Hank Brekke

Modern Childcare Software

Run your business faster, securely and powerfully with a new class of childcare software. Modern Childcare Software can unify billing, payroll, announcements and marketing.

Software dashboard showing chart of child and employee attendance totals by hour

Time & Attendance Software

Parents can check in & out using any computer or tablet you set up. Add a drop-in rate and automatically charge parents as they check-in.

Parent Billing & Invoicing

With Stripe, you can enable ACH or Credit Card autopay for child tuition. Add manual payments or one-time charges quickly and accurately.

Online Parent Accounts

Every parent has an account in your website where they can view invoices, update autopay or account settings and read announcements.

Employee Management

Staff can also check in & out for payroll that syncs with QuickBooks, Square Payroll and PDF reports. Classroom ratios are automatically calculated.

Website & SEO Included

Engage new and existing parents to your business without paying extra for a stylish website. Share private photos & announcements in one uniform system.

Hosted & Managed Server

You’ll never need to worry about losing your parents if a computer dies. Data is encrypted and accessible in the cloud from anywhere.


  • Child Time Tracking
  • Weekly Tuition
  • Drop-In Invoicing
  • Manual Payments
  • Stripe Dashboards
  • PDF & XLSX Exports
  • Email Reminders
  • Cloud Hosted


paid annually


+ All Basic Features

  • Employee Check-In
  • Sync with Payroll
  • Website & SEO
  • Parent Login
  • ACH/CC Autopay
  • Announcements


paid annually