Hank Brekke

December 03, 2017,

Writing Articles is Harder than Code

I lead a team of software developers at HouseRater, a small business that builds cloud and mobile software used by small businesses across the United States to perform energy efficiency ratings. It’s sophisticated software, and my entire organization is proud of the work we do.

Being the leader of this organization means I communicate clearly with customers, the CEO, developer staff and outside contract agencies. Working with all these groups, HouseRater has become my vision for modernizing our industry, through clear communication of every single (even minor) product change. But the longer I’m in this role, the harder I find it to finish articles documenting the impressive work my team builds. I have several drafts for this website, which are now available on GitHub, sitting unfinished. The next objective at my company is to prioritize public contributions, for articles and for software we license.

We have several exciting articles to write, and my goal is to finish the drafts I’ve started in the coming weeks. Does your office promote personal blog posts during the workday? I’m interested in learning the best way to you see your own articles to the finish line—I’m available at @hnryjms.

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