Hank Brekke

January 02, 2019,

Custom Camera Overlay View on iPhone X

The UIImagePickerController component on iOS bundles the best native experience for capturing photos and videos within the iOS platform. Using frameworks like AVFoundation come with a lot of boiler-plating and do-it-youself handling involved…when often, we can look at the .customOverlayView property for most of our needs.

Once you build a custom view, and set .showsCameraControls to false, you may notice one issue, especially on iPhone X and iPhone XS—the camera viewfinder is pushed far to the top of the screen, leaving black content everywhere else.

Camera Viewfinder Shifting This is no good :( … So what is going on here? In this example, I’ve rebuilt a UI that mimics the Apple system borders on both sides of the screen. My components along the screen edges have a black background color, but I certainly did not assign the bottom edge to be as tall as what’s shown here.

To make things easier to see…I can find that the capture viewfinder is aligned all the way to the top of the screen (including underneath the iPhone X sensor housing). That feels less-than-stellar. iOS is doing this so that the viewfinder renders the correct aspect ratio of the image that will be captured using UIImagePickerController. Smart.

But that’s not where I want it.

It’s time for some translation. Check out the .cameraViewTransform property. We can apply any number of transforms onto this view, but right now we’re looking for a simple translation to move the viewfinder down to the center of this window.

imagePicker.cameraViewTransform = CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation(0, 120)

Camera Viewfinder Aligned And bam 🧨 we have a winner!

Note: you’ll probably want to add some device-specific handling to the translation, but I’ll leave your UI design choices out of this article.

And now the view is centered—and hey. Instead of a black background on my edge views, I can leave them transparent, since the system is already displaying a black underlay.

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